Shelby Chesnes Knows How To Handle Business

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Shelby Chesnes was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for July 2012.

She is also a successful entrepreneur and hopes to break into Hollywood movies soon.

Who is Shelby Chesnes?

What is there to be said about Shelby Chesnes that hasn’t been said before? Let’s see…

Shelby Chesnes

She was born on Valentine’s Day in 1991.  Back then no one could have predicted she’d be an Instagram star.  Heck, no one even knew what Instagram was because it hadn’t been created yet.

But as far as selfies go, she was already quite familiar with those because she had full access to her mom’s camera.  Whenever she had the chance she’d take a snapshot of herself without her mom’s knowledge.  It was only when the films were developed that her mom would find out she used almost half of the roll making funny faces and basically just having fun with photography.

Who would’ve thought she’d build an amazing career doing that?

Shelby Chesnes’ Early Beginnings

How did Shelby Chesnes get into modeling in the first place?

We might have to ask her mom about that.  Or thank her for it.

You see, Shelby Chesnes didn’t just start posing for the camera when she reached legal age.   It started way, way back.  All the way back to her childhood.

Mom back then was an avid amateur photographer and her muse was her beautiful daughter Shelby.  She would take her to the beach and ask her to pose so she could take beautiful pictures to treasure as the years go by.  Naturally, Shelby acquiesced to her mom’s request and gave it her all during those sessions.

This early training in posing in front of a camera is what helped her become a really great model later on in life.

That mother and daughter tradition lasted all throughout her life.  To this day, she and her mom still take the time out to bond through photography.

Oh yeah, and that’s not how she looked like as a child.  We’re definitely not posting any of those here.  We run a totally legit business here guys.

Shelby Chesnes Before Becoming A Playmate

Shelby Chesnes never dreamed she’d be a playmate.

In fact, it was probably the furthest thing from her mind at that time.

In high school, she was a member of an all-star cheerleading team.  It was probably at that time when she first became fitness-conscious. Today, she does Pilates and yoga to maintain the measurements that first got her noticed by Playboy.

After high school Shelby Chesnes enrolled in college taking a psychology degree.  She didn’t take a gap year as many girls her age choose to do.

She went through the daily struggles most students her age experienced.  In order to survive, she took on some jobs like being a secretary or working the front desk for businesses around town.

This helped her understand how business worked.  Being around powerful people also gave her more than a lifetime’s worth of experience to incorporate into her own life later on.

Shelby Chesnes didn’t consider herself the prettiest girl around while she was growing up which made her a little bit more grounded than most pretty bitches.  Instead of relying on her physical beauty to get a leg up in life, she learned the value of hard work.

She was pretty enough to model though.  She did a few photo shoots for ads in town.  They were mostly for eye wear and cars.  And other local businesses and events.

As her interest in modeling deepened so did her understanding of the internal workings of the industry.  She learned crucial lessons in doing her own makeup, staying fit using the physical training regimen prepared for her by fitness instructors and most importantly how to spot or create opportunities for herself.

The small modeling stints she did paid well enough but it wasn’t as much as what it could potentially be in her mind.

So she scoured the Internet for ideas on how to make more money through modeling.

That’s when she found out about Playboy.  They were accepting amateur submissions.  So, she sent some pictures their way.

Shelby Chesnes’ Mom Approves

Shelby Chesnes’ entry into the world of Playboy started when she sent in photos of herself to the prestigious mag.

Most aspiring models have to wait months, even years, before getting a response.  Shelby Chesnes didn’t.  Almost immediately, someone got back to her and asked her if she’d be interested to fly out to do an audition.  Terrified of the thought that her mom would find out and get mad, she decided to just come clean and break the news to her herself.  Mom was taken aback at first but understood that this could be a good career move for her daughter and expressed her full support of her decisions.

With mom’s approval in hand, she flew out to do the photo shoot and the rest as they say is history.

Shelby Chesnes’ Natural Body is a Breath of Fresh Air for Playboy

You’re probably the kind of guy who doesn’t mind breast enhancements if you’re on this site.

Shelby Chesnes

I’m not prejudiced against them myself.  I say: If a girl wants to go under the knife to get sexier, then go for it!

I say it’s her body and that’s her choice.

Shelby Chesnes

But I keep thinking about enhanced breasts and how they tend to be erect at all times.  How they point upwards even when a girl is lying down.  That to me is a bit freaky.

There’s just something disconcerting about that, them staying rock hard all the time.

Shelby Chesnes

I like them melting off to the side when she’s in bed and I’m about to mount her.

Shelby Chesnes

Anyway, most girls who take up nude modeling often resort to breast enhancements to make them look even more beautiful in print.   And we’ve seen a lot of those around and they do look great.

Breast enhancements were never anything Shelby Chesnes had to think about.

She was gifted with 34Cs to begin with.

Shelby Chesnes

There’ve been rumors swirling about that they’re fake but they look real enough for me.

So either she’s lying or she’s got a great surgeon in her rolodex who knows how to keep a really good secret.

Shelby Chesnes has stated that her 34C breasts are natural, so when you fantasize, no worries about her boobs bouncing up and bopping you in the face.

Shelby Chesnes

Playboy made Shelby Chesnes their Playmate of the Month in July, 2012.  And for a magazine that has featured a lot of models with enhanced breasts, with Shelby Chesnes, they struck gold.  It was a breath of fresh air to finally see a girl with all natural breasts that size to be seen on their pages.

From that Playboy pictorial, Shelby Chesnes gained more exposure in both print and films.

Shelby Chesnes

Although her only film credit to date is a bit role as a sexy jogger in Horrible Bosses 2, she’s hoping more work doing movies are coming her way.

She has some videos online, and bikini-clad photos in a number of websites to showcase her beauty and natural onscreen charisma.

Shelby Chesnes

That and then there’s Instagram.

She definitely knows how to put herself out there.

Shelby Chesnes

Now if only more people took notice.

Shelby Chesnes The Hopeless Romantic and Meeting the Man of Her Dreams

Shelby Chesnes has stated that she is a hopeless romantic.

She hopes that one day her dream guy will come and sweep her off her feet.

Shelby Chesnes

She wasn’t too specific about what her dream guy was like though.  So, maybe there’s hope for us average Joes.  Let’s see if the qualities she’s looking for are in you somehow.

Although she’s a bit on the short side (she stands at only  5’3”), Shelby is naturally attracted to tall, dark, and handsome men.  Being physically fit is a plus as she’s very much into physical fitness.  Although she has also stated that she doesn’t mind a slight tummy bulge as long as she knows the guy isn’t a complete lazy assed slob who couldn’t be bothered to get up off the couch.

She likes men who are confident, but not so confident as to be a douche.

Shelby Chesnes

Self-centered hombres are a definite no-no for her.  I’m not too sure about her stand on tattoos.  She doesn’t have any.  But she also never said anything bad about men with tattoos.  You know how some girls are about tattoos….

Oh, and you do have to be well-groomed, especially your hair.  Shelby believes a person’s health and eating habits can be seen through the condition of his or her hair.

Shelby Chesnes

Despite having been a psychology major at the Florida Atlantic University, she won’t turn a date into a discussion to dig deep into your brain.  All she wants is a romantic dinner, followed by a bit of fun in a hot tub – where her natural boobs won’t rise above the water like suds-covered silicone sacs – and then waking up to a beautiful sunrise.

Shelby Chesnes Knows How To Handle Her Own Business Ventures

I can’t believe half a decade has passed since we first saw her in Playboy.

In that short amount of time Shelby Chesnes has proven to be a very productive girl.   Unlike most of the Playmates I know who’ve squandered the money earned from the prestige being a Playmate brought in, Shelby Chesnes instead went the other way.

She saved up her earnings and put up a few businesses in Florida.  Some of those businesses her mom helps to run.

And yeah, they have a small photography business going because that’s what they’re really into.

We must not forget that this Playmate has some serious entrepreneurial skills.  She manages her own spray tan business.  She’s constantly looking to improve the business while looking at other products.  The business has grown into a small chain of those tanning parlors and business is good.

Shelby is proof that not all Playmates are dumb blondes who know nothing else in life except how to look beautiful.

Shelby Chesnes Has A Great Outlook On Life

Success hasn’t went to Shelby Chesnes’ head.  She’s kept a very low profile.  Well, as low profile someone like her could manage anyway.

It’s pretty hard to do that especially when you’re rubbing shoulders with A list celebrities like , , among others.

She still retains a certain amount of anonymity that allows her to experience life without having to worry about the Papparazzi following her around.  Shelby uses most of her time checking out local businesses and their products to help augment her own business.

She also invests in start-ups and has quite a few going right now.

Having created multiple streams of passive income for herself has helped Shelby Chesnes live a rather enviable lifestyle.  She doesn’t have to worry about where her next paycheck is going to come from because she has all of her businesses to fall back on.  That hasn’t affected her drive to succeed in the entertainment world though.

She continues to work with Playboy to this day.

She says it is out of gratitude that she’s doing this and not because of anything else.  Playboy has responded that they really just love working with her because of her great attitude and of course because she’s one hot babe.

I believe all of these great things happening to her are well deserved.  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person than her.

I hope she finds that man she’s looking for.  She’s only 26 and there’s still a lot of time for her to find him and have a happy life together with him.

The greatest thing I’ve heard any Playmate say is what Shelby Chesnes had to say about being sexy is all about being comfortable with one’s own self.

I believe she knows what she’s talking about: pictures seldom lie.  (Editor Note: Except all the photoshopped ones, which is most of them… and they lie a lot)

For more of Shelby Chesnes, you can check her out on Twitter:

Of course we also have hundreds of pictures of Shelby

For more pictures of her doing normal stuff or working out, here’s her Instagram page:

To check out her business ventures and other things she’s currently interested in, here’s her Facebook page:

You can send her a message or join her growing number of fans through anyone of those social media platforms.

Oh, and when you send her a message make sure you include a message of appreciation to her mom as well because if it was not for her mom, we wouldn’t have the Shelby Chesnes we love today!

Shelby Chesnes

Shelby Chesnes

Shelby Chesnes

Shelby Chesnes

Shelby Chesnes

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